When you buy a Canuckz NFT, you are buying more than just a rare piece of art. You are also gaining access to our exclusive community – with perks, unique access features, areas, and tiers of potential prizes!


What are Canuckz?

Canucks are limited edition, Canadian themed NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. We wanted to take this Canada day and celebrate the wonderful country we live in and some of the very best we have to offer.


How can I buy or sell a Canuckz?

Currently Canuckz are still available to be minted directly here from our website through the buy page. When puchasing a Canuckz, a brand new random Canuckz will be minted as an NFT on the Cardano blockchain and sent to your wallet.

You can also find people buying and selling their Canuckz on CNFT.io


How much do Canuckz Cost?

Canuckz can only be purchased with ADA.

Canuckz are sold via a tiered pricing model, meaning it’s better to get yours early! The price tiers are as follows:

  • First 2000 Canuckz – 12 ADA
  • Next 2000 Canuckz – 22 ADA
  • Next 2000 Canuckz – 32 ADA
  • Next 2000 Canuckz – 33 ADA
  • Final 2000 Canuckz – 34 ADA


How can I see my Canuckz?

The best tool for viewing your NFT collection right now is pool.pm – you can hit the search button and enter one of your wallet addresses (beginning with ‘addr1’) to see all of the Canuckz (and any other NFTs) you have in your wallet!


How many Canuckz are there?

There will only ever be 10,000 unique Canuckz available to be minted. Additionally the minting policy expires on November 1st, 2021 after which no new Canuckz can be minted!


How rare is my Canuckz?

Each Canuckz has been assigned a unique rarity score based on the rarity of the individual components – species, items etc. The leaf icon in the bottom right corner of your Canuckz, indicates the rarity of your item.

  • Red – Mythic – only 75 available
  • Gold – Legendary – only 175 available
  • Purple – Epic – only 750 available
  • Blue – Rare – only 1000 available
  • Green – Uncommon – only 3000 available
  • Grey – Common – 5000 unique items available


What can I do with my Canuckz?

Each Canuckz is completely unique, and you know there will only ever be one! Currently they can be traded and collected with friends or others in the community. Since they are unique and limited in quantity, you can keep them for the future in hopes that the price will appreciate.

Since smart contracts are coming, we have also been looking at gamification. The unique properties of the Cardano smart contract system will allow us to add utility to these tokens in the future. Come join our Discord for more discussion on our roadmap!


How do I know I have an official Canuckz?

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Our PolicyIDs are as follows:

Canuckz Policy ID: 32f13cdaa51c1ea28221a9f656c498f1d05f7bda49d324d6ff0ad976

Canuckz Coins Policy ID: 6e3f5e11921e3d337504a0dc89edded6f52adf0df97d712afaec7ade