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You can also stay up to date on our discord. We will be updating our community weekly in our discord chat

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Stay up to date on our discord. We will be updating our community weekly in our discord chat

Welcome to Canuckz-NFT

Canuckz-NFT is a collection of Canuckz Characters – unique digital collectibles living on the Cardano blockchain. Your Canuckz-NFT doubles as your Canucks Publishing membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. This includes access to participating whitelists for upcoming drops that are minting with Canucks Publishing, members only giveaways, airdrops and so much more. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activities. Holding more Canuckz-NFT’s of various species will get you access to higher tiers of perks!


First drop closed October 31st, Holiday Series dropping December 20th – Join the Party!


With a new community to impress, and the original community to keep active it’s time to throw the holiday party. Grab the ugly holiday sweaters, because this drop might just be your gateway to be first in line for some top projects of Cardano 2022. New perks for everyone working in the headquarters, giveaway and airdrop opportunities for Canuckz-NFT holders and the whitelist you’ve all been waiting for. Let the holiday Countdown begin!


Welcome to Canuckz HQ

When you buy a Canuckz-NFT, you are buying more than just a rare piece of art. You are also gaining access to our exclusive community – with perks, unique access features, areas, and tiers of potential prizes!


Community Support

Be a part of something bigger. Be a part of something special


Future areas and access to other projects whitelists or perks through completion of roadmap activities


Canuckz members will gain access to exclusive airdrops in the community


By holding Canuckz-NFTs, you will gain access to various perks. These perks may vary from project to project as the overall goals and quantities can be different


We’re set up for the long-haul. Future areas can be unlocked through completion of activities

Back in July Canuckz emerged from the Canadian cities, forests, prairies and wilderness to join us They quickly partook in the best that Canadian culture has to offer: skiing, hiking, hockey, lacrosse and your standard double double. 2568 Canuckz joined the adventure and decided to travel together!
Before long, they realized that Canadian culture is synonymous with a tapestry of cultures from all over the world, so they made their way to Australia, Germany, China, the Philippines and other places to see what’s out there
As the air turned crisp and with the first snowfalls, the Canuckz started to feel homesick - there’s nothing like the holidays at home. Now they’re back in town, and visiting the Canuckz Headquarters to get their holiday party underway! 500 new Canuckz are invited to come join in for the holiday party!

Drop Schedule

December 17th: Canuckz-NFT holders get exclusive access to their first 3rd party drop: Christmas Crew! This local Toronto artist has been working hard to get these cheerful pieces of art ready for you all.
December 18th: Christmas Crew drop will open to the public.
December 19th: all Canuckz-NFT holders will get access to Canuckz-NFT Holiday Series 2021, one day before everyone else.
December 20th: Canuckz-NFT holiday edition drop open to public.

Our Team

Canuckz-NFT was created by a team of Canadians on a mission to connect likeminded, hardworking creators of CNFTs. We are building up our network of valuable partnerships and collectors to create one of the strongest communities on the Cardano blockchain!

Canuckz-NFT OG Drop

Our Canuckz-NFTs are limited edition, Canadian themed NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. We wanted to take Canada day and celebrate the wonderful country we live in and some of the very best we have to offer.

You’ll see beloved critters, some beautiful landscapes, sports and guilty pleasures like maple syrup and doughnut holes. We have some very rare items and a couple of surprises in store. This was just the beginning of our story!

Policy IDs

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Please validate that the assets you are buying are genuine Canuckz and not a copy.

OG Policy ID: 32f13cdaa51c1ea28221a9f656c498f1d05f7bda49d324d6ff0ad976

Holiday Policy  ID: d9c89513a435cc36a4f89bc417e1805ed92945b50caa0413dd12258e

Canuckz Coins Policy ID: 6e3f5e11921e3d337504a0dc89edded6f52adf0df97d712afaec7ade