Canucks are limited edition, Canadian themed NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. We wanted to take this Canada day and celebrate the wonderful country we live in and some of the very best we have to offer.

You’ll see beloved critters, some beautiful landscapes, sports and guilty pleasures like maple syrup and doughnut holes. We have some very rare items and a couple of surprises in store. Join our Discord server where we discuss future plans for Canuckz – this is just the beginning! We have a lot planned for when smart contracts launch and beyond.

Each one of these Canuckz is unique and whatever you get, you’ll be the only one that has it. You’ll be able to tell how rare your Canuckz is by the colour of the leaf in the bottom right corner. Get your Canuckz now!

We are Mike and Vivek, operators of the Cardano Canucks [CANUK] stake pool. Our goal has always been to enable and grow the Cardano community and we hope to continue to do so through Canuckz NFTs.

10% of our earnings will be donated to the Canadian Roots Exchange to help Indiginous youth in Canada.

Policy IDs

An asset’s Policy ID uniquely identifies it’s authenticity on the Cardano blockchain. Please validate that the assets you are buying are genuine Canuckz and not a copy.

Canuckz Policy ID: 32f13cdaa51c1ea28221a9f656c498f1d05f7bda49d324d6ff0ad976

Canuckz Coins Policy ID: 6e3f5e11921e3d337504a0dc89edded6f52adf0df97d712afaec7ade